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On life’s destiny : answering a question

30 Sep

I pray that you don’t get bored by my recent posts about my Indonesia 1.5 group.  This is another one that is somehow related to it.  Bear with me, kind readers… 🙂

In my dream last night, my mother came to me and asked me, “Why do you plan to help other people when you haven’t done enough to help your own family ?”.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  My mom is a person with a heart of gold, and will only ask such questions in dreams.  But I digress.  This post is a quick attempt to tackle that question which I feel will sooner or later be actually asked by certain parties in my real life.


I have no intention to bore you with repeating my trials and tribulations.  So first and foremost, let it be just said here that by living with HIV, I am already skating on thin ice,  – I might as well dance on it then.  That is what I personally believe.  That was the first thing that sparked the idea when I started this.


Secondly, remember that classic saying that says that you must help yourself first before you help others ?  Guess what ?  I ask this question in response :  Why not challenge itWhy not turn it the other way around ?  What’s wrong with this :

Help others to help yourself ?

Have you ever considered it that way ?


And thirdly, – I saw too many examples of great minds gone wasted.  I’m talking of a bright, intellectual man who died with a lot of riches as his only life achievement.  At one time, I notice that such man’s ( one of my friend’s father, – name of whom I can’t mention here ) burial was attended by 500 people.  Sadly, my friend admitted that most of them was only there because they wanted to be recognized as friends of the late successful businessman.

I can’t judge him of course, but in a sense, it sort of told me that it’s a classic portrayal of our society in our countryAchievements are almost always measured by what you have and acquired.  Whether it’s riches, intellects or something else is personal preference.  It’s very rare that you meet someone who measure how successful his life is by what he gives.  If you ask me, at the end of the day, I want to be that person.  I want it that when I die, there may be only 5 people beside my family who attends the ceremony, but they may well say with a smile that I made a difference in their lives.


I guess that’s pretty much it.  Forgive these rather incoherent ramblings, but those are my thoughts when I started the group.  I could start one who discuss things I like the most, – or a writer group; but I chose to consciously started one that gives backFor I have difficulty in believing that life is all about what I gain.  I’m gonna leave you with that

Have a good day….


Photos of Indonesia 1.5 First Meeting

27 Sep

These photos are courtesy of Ardi Muswardi, enjoy…

I can’t help but commenting : Why do I always look bad in photos ? 😀

Indonesia 1.5 First Meeting

27 Sep

Tonight, – finally, the first meeting of my Facebook Group, – Indonesia 1.5 -, is finally held.  I have shared some of my idea behind it in my old blog here.

At the risk of being a little bit redundant, allow me to elaborate a bit on this group.  As mentioned in the first meeting agenda, the raison d’etre is :

To be a place of gathering for all who feel uncomfortable with the mainstream in daily life ( thus the term weirdos and misfits ).  To challenge the status quo by being the place where we could use our “strangeness” in positive ways.

While the group vision is :

To give back to society in fresh, unusual ways for the following reasons :

  • to make sure that the help we are giving reaches appropriate recipients.
  • to help us grow better in the process, because by forcing ourselves to think creatively ( in our ways of giving back ), surely we will learn a lot of useful things about ourselves and others.

Now this may sound lofty for some, I’m aware of that.  However, I strongly believe that this unrest I commonly have with the founding members ( I like to call the members who came to the first meeting that way ); is perfectly workable.  The key is planning to start small.

The first activity we’re going to do is very simple.  We are going to gather some books to be donated to some unfortunate women who suffer from domestic abuse.  In Jakarta, there are a place that we are aware of that offer a shelter for such women.  I am not able to share with you the location or even the name of the shelter for security reasons.  But we feel that we can offer them some token of relief in the form of some inspirational books or even just pure escapist novels written by Agatha Christie, – for example.  That’s the least we can do for them.

For the same security reasons, I don’t know how detailed will I be able to post some updates about this in the future.  But for those of you who’d like to help, please leave a comment, or ask to join our group or mailing list.

We’ll be waiting for you.  Being an agent of change is not easy, but it is started by small things like this one.

P.S. :  My deepest gratitude goes to all the members who came to the first meeting.  They are ( in no particular order ) Leonnie FM, Budi Putra, Ivan Lanin, Anna Simanungkalit, Dody Herlambang, Ardy Muswardi and Pico Seno.  Thank you all !  You’re such an encouragements to me.  I’m sorry that we didn’t start too smoothly 🙂

Nicely done !

26 Sep

A very short post this one is. I am still in the process of setting up the site successfully, but today there is an interesting drawing by a friend of mine, Nindya, which is a must-see….

It’s a picture of Jakarta Tweeters, neatly done by a talented hand.  I’m the bald guy, in case you’re wondering..!! ( via Lisa‘s photos on Facebook )

Test Post

25 Sep

I’m really glad that I finally acquired my own domain.  This site is currently still under construction as I am a novice in the dirty work…  Please be back…! 🙂