I am in the National Team.. !

10 Oct

Now, this one, I admit, is rather unimportant. In fact, it borders to silliness you might wonder what is this post doing in this blog 🙂

Call it vanity if you must.  Yet I can’t stop myself from writing this.  I’m so happy like a child in a candy store, because I’ve never been in any kind of national team in my whole life…!


Back in the days when I was still trying to cope with my newly-acquired 24-hour internet connection, I stumbled upon a little Facebook game called Wrestler.  The habit stuck on, – and stubbornly refuses to leave me ( or vice versa.. ).  In this game, people create a wrestler figure and fight each other within the realm of Facebook.  If you are on FB, you can see my Wrestler profile here.

I won’t bother you with the details of how the application works.  Far be it from me !  I am just sharing the news that about a week ago, I got a news telling me that I got selected as a team member to represent Indonesia in its biggest tournament so far : The Wrestler World Cup.  Apparently, my wrestler is not doing so bad in its career…

Well, at this point, I can only say :  Bring it on !  Let’s take on the world and make up for the failure that is PSSI ! 🙂

Have you ever been in any kind of National Team ?  Please share your experiences in the comments.

P.S. :  On the pic, my wrestler is the one in the far right.  His name is Kannibalistiqúe.


One Response to “I am in the National Team.. !”

  1. Leonnie FM October 11, 2008 at 2:13 am #

    Can say anything… just happy for your achievement. Love & kisses

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