Evernote – your life : lock, stock and barrel

22 Oct

I always struggle with organizing issue.  There are so many interesting bits and pieces of life I stored that I keep on forgetting where to find them.  This is a frustrating issue, not to mention my own information fetish where I tend to keep anything worth mentioning, sometimes just as a keepsake.

Enter Evernote.  Being a free software and web service ( for now, at least ), it is my personal Messiah in my quest for information.  It does its job perfectly by functioning as a vault where I can keep all my infos ( notes ) in one central place.  The ability to make multiple notebooks also enabled me to classify my notes into any system I see fit.  I can make one for family matters, for example.  Or I can forget about content, and make one according to its content format ( my image notebook ).

Totally great and maybe underrated feature of Evernote is its ability to search for some text, including text contained within an image ( JPEG file, for instance ).  This is excellent, as some information will be readily available from that pic I took with my digicam.  I just don’t have to re-enter the information manually.

It also employs the contemporary system of classification by using tags instead of categories.  Supporter of tags will cherish this as it would mean multiple search method for one single item.  By synchronizing your local client and its web site, it also give you a backup if your local data gets a problem ( My wife will love this feature ).  One complaint, if any, is that it’s still currently in Beta and you need an invitation to use its service.  You can register for one, though it gets faster if somebody just sends you one directly. I will give 5 invitations for any of you who live any comments ( That’s total 5, for this blog and my parent blog ).

Alternatively, you can download the client and use it locally.  There is even a client for your mobile phone, though I haven’t tested it for I don’t like working long with my cellphone.

All in all, Evernote is an excellent way to store your informations.  It does what it does simply without necessary hassles.  It handles your life to you on a silver plate : lock, stock and barrel.


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