INDONESIA 1.5 : My personal dream

22 Oct


Some of you may already knew that I started a Facebook Group called Indonesia 1.5.  In this post I am going to share my philosophy behind it.


You surely have heard of a well-known myth that human only uses 10 % of his brain, haven’t you ?  This is what inspired me.  Although recently this myth has been increasingly challenged, even the skeptics admit that at most of the time only 5 % of the brain neurons are active.

Now, translated into an equation this would look something like this :

1 h = 5 % of b,

where h = human being,

and b = brain

What I mused about is if we somehow to refuse to abide by the 5 % limit, and look to transcend it instead, we would end up being something more than just an ordinary human.  In fact, a logician will tell you that derived from the above equation, it then follows that :

7.5 % of b = 1.5 h

Now, of course real life is not mathematics.  Otherwise, the richest person in the world will be a mathematician and not Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.  However, if you look beyond it, you’ll get my point, which is : You will end up to be a better person than population on average, IF you constantly challenge yourself in thinking and doing something out of the box.  What better way, indeed, to do yourself a favor ?


In fact, I believe that at least in Indonesia, this laziness to think is the demon that keeps a lot of potentially great minds on a leash.  Most of the people are very easy to surrender to difficult circumstances, – sometimes without even a second of brainstorming or pondering the alternatives.  I don’t know about you, but I’m saddened by thisNOT because I’m better than them, but because I believe that we could do a lot more if we’re willing to think.  Please be noticed that I refer to “thinking” as a deliberate activity that can be trained, not just your usual unconscious daily process.  A good authority on this would be Edward de Bono, – renowned for his Lateral Thinking.

Just how exactly I’m going to achieve such lofty goal ?  I could almost hear some of you skeptically ask that question… 🙂  Simple.  I am going to propose we do it by giving back to society in unusual methods.  In the process, I hope that we’re going to engage in a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, – and thus grow to be better persons.  Nothing easy, but start small, and before long, together we can move mountains.


For those of you in Indonesia who shares the same opinion and would like to help the unfortunate part of society, you are very much welcome to join our humble group here.  Looking forward to see you…!! 🙂


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