The Big Book of Hoaxes – I’m Asking for More..

22 Oct

What can I say ?  This book speaks for itself.  A tour-de-force of human tendency to believe strange things.  In fact, it’s eerie how Hitler words ring true about this :”It’s easy to lie, just make it big.”

Factoid did a very good job by bringing this series.  You could read some serious references without diving into that scholarly encyclopedia.  In other words, this is information made enjoyable.  With honest, humorous and sometimes cheeky illustration, it’s also easier to grasp some concepts which otherwise would need a lot of pages to explain.

The book itself contains any famous ( and not-so famous ) hoaxes in history.  From Poe’s balloon hoax, the notorious Howard Hughes’ autobiography;  I actually learnt that Boxer rebellion in China was made several times worse by a hoax !

A very good work, indeed.  I found myself asking for more.

You can download the book here.  Again, I’m only sharing the link.  Have fun !


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