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Ideology or Idiocy ?

10 Dec

Recently, I was kept afar from this blog by a personal demon of mine : My HIV. Clinically in AIDS stage now, it made me really angry when some people made some very stupid and silly allegations as can be read here. There, a supposedly “medical” organization condemned the use of condoms because it supposedly “cannot prevent the spreading of HIV/AIDS” and “encourages free sex”.

Oh. My. God. I wouldn’t even bother to give some references about why their idea is false. For every doubtful research showing that HIV is smaller in dimension than condoms’ microscopic pores, there are a lot of scientific studies showing why condoms are still effective to stop the spreading of HIV. Mainly, it’s because they forget one important fact : that HIV can’t live outside of bodily fluids. This is why HIV doesn’t spread via swimming pool or public toilets. And if the semen is retained by the condom, do they really believe that the HIV could jump by itself, – through the pores, – and infect everything in its way ? This is ridiculousness at its finest.

On their second point, free sex will always be there, – with or without condoms. The decision of engaging in or refraining from free sex will depend on one’s set of personal values, family and peers. Let’s now ponder what will happen if the government and policy makers heed their misleading idea :

The government will stop distributing condoms to the society. Will this make the population group who engage in free sex ( paid or not ) disappear ? By all means no, it will only make them have a much harder access to condoms. Thus, this already vulnerable part of the population will be left to their own devices, – unprotected to get infected, and spread the deadly virus to other people without any barrier whatsoever. A perfect recipe to decimate a population.


What I find particularly interesting is the fact that they still decide to believe this strange idea when so many scientific references say otherwise. This suggested that there are stronger motives than reason and common sense behind all of this. Consider the issue. If someone still hold dear to an idea when so many studies say it’s wrong, he/she should be either crazy or have a delusional belief in the idea. This is terrifyingly close to the concept of ideology. Often, a fanatical or misconstrued interpretation of an ideology will blind a soul to common sense and other general truths.

Now, in itself, if somebody opted to do so, it should be no problem. But if they start to preach about it to the general public, then it becomes very wrong. It is particularly dangerous because some part of the general public are those who are not well-informed, naïve or ignorant. They will be really susceptible to swallow these misleading ideas without much thinking.

I myself will even go one step further and say that what they are doing is criminal by nature. They are spreading misleading information, and actually encourage the spreading of this deadly virus, – ultimately this would mean that they will also lead people to their deaths.


Please bear in mind that I do not have anything against a particular ideology or religion here. If my church bans the use of condoms, I will be the first person to leave that church and never comes back. That’s my position. I hope I make it clear, because I’m about to make a strong call here.

People, religion and ideology are good and have their own place in our lives. But when they tell you to do something that could actually endanger your life, be smart and do the right thing. Because sometimes, – my friend, the line between ideology and idiocy is very fine.  Use your head.

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