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A Requiem for a Friendship

21 Dec

What a ride we shared, no?

Let me see, we met sometime in last year, if I’m not mistaken.  And to me, you are a dear friend because we share something in common : our sensitive hearts.  This had led to hours of laughters together, yet strangely, I believe this also caused the fracture in our friendship.

I do not pretend to know what really happened between us.  What I do know is this.  That I may have hurt you unintentionally, but so you may have offended me without knowing.  But you know what?  I think that’s okay.  Because after all, we’re only human.  And what other things that can strengthen a relationship better than a resolved misunderstanding?

So it is with this spirit that I write this simple, short letter to you.  Deep down inside, I really know that I never did anything to hurt you in particular.  I had my share of angry moments, but it’s all in the past for me.  In no ways are those moments related to you.  Or at least, I never meant it that way.  I really hope that you are reading this, because for the life of me, I could not bear the thoughts of closing this year without making another try to explain this.

I believe that you also have a fairly good idea about what kind of man I am.  And while I’m not saying that I’m your ideal man to be a friend, I honestly suspect that you understand what I mean by that.  I’m hardly a person with malicious intent.  Oh, you can accuse me of anything, like being dumb maybe.  But hurting anyone on purpose?  That I never do.

However, should you decide to close the page of our friendship, let it be known that I will respect your decision.  It is my sincerest prayer that, -as we go our separate ways-, one day you will be able to think of me fondly as someone who once colored your days.  Because I, for one, will do exactly that to you.  Because to me,

“Years may come and go,

There’s one thing I know:

All my life,

You’re a friend of mine..”