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How to Make a Good Wedding Speech

22 Oct

by Fajar Jasmin
A good wedding speech is, in essence, like a good short story. This is true because a good speech has to have that element of grip for its audiences.  However, it does provide you with a tool to make it easier to captivate your audience’s attention than written fiction : its oral deliverance. So, it makes a perfect sense that first of all :
1. You have to possess a good public speaking style and skill.
It’s just not enough to have a good script on your hand. This is exactly why Churchill always succeeds to burn his hearers. To illustrate further, Bush Jr. is never convincing no matter how sophisticated the arguments he uses in his speeches. One simple reason is that he never achieves that oral stage where he will be believed whatever he said. Now, I understand that oral skills aside, his reputation is mainly ruined by his involvements in Iraq war. However, one thing still holds true : he just doesn’t have the necessary oratorial flair. Why, who knows what American publics think if they were led to the war by someone as charismatic as Churchill ? At this point, at least I thank God for Bush.
As for you, strive to possess that fluent and convincing method of public speaking. Practice in front of the mirror. Pay attention to your facial expression, physical gestures and oral intonation. Read up on the subject. Repeat your speech over and over again until you can remember it by heart. Though you may not be required to deliver it without text, memorizing it will help you to speak with a fluent rhythm and give tonal emphasis for momentum. And while your sister’s wedding hardly justifies any expense you spend for a Public Speaking course, at least you have to give it your best shot. Practice like crazy, at least you owe her that.
2. Define a central message
At first glance, this one may seem counter – productive. There are so many things you would like to say to your sister, – like who exactly that cut her doll’s hair 20 years ago, but a strong, central theme is a must to hold your speech neat and tight. More than one may divert your listeners’ attention and further confuse them to get your point. Find a fond memory, your mutual favorite pet, or anything that give you a strong opening and build your speech around it. Be creative.
One particular film ( I forget what movie ) had its male character opened his speech with, “Marriage sucks..”, but finished it with a sweet conclusion : “…but seeing them right now, I get reminded of why I married my wife five years ago. I now realize that I am willing to experience the “torture” over and over again…” This example tells us that your main opening idea may not even be good, but it is absolutely necessary to have one to give you a solid basis. You get the idea.
3. Employ a good script.
Really, this one doesn’t need much explanation. Of all people, you know how important to have that script well – polished. There are a lot of more competent authorities than me on this point, but widely accepted practices include : avoid jargon usage, use simple but meaningful words and use light humor. Do some online research about this topic. You might also ask for help from that little, otherwise-annoying nephew of yours who gets good scores on composition. Kids sometime give a good and fresher approach to your problem.
Those are pretty much it. Note that I mention technical aspects only as one of the three points. This should give you an insight that while technicalities are important, the one thing that you have to pay the most attention to is love. Marriage is one event that you truly can feel that “love is in the air”. The bridegroom affections to each others, yours to your newlywed sibling and so on and so forth. Remember that you are giving a message out of your love for the
bridegroom, and you’ll give a beautiful, poignant speech to remember !